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While Nevada is home to a wide arrange of bee species the two most common are the relatively docile European Honey Bee and the much more dangerous Africanized Honey Bee. If provoked these Africanized bees can and will act with extreme aggression should they perceive a threat. At least one person has died as a direct result of an Africanized bee swarm attack in southern Nevada as recently as August 2016. With almost nothing that visually differentiates the two species it is mandatory to treat any foraging, swarming or colony of bees as if they are Africanized should you come in contact with them in the wild.

Bees can be frequently be found outdoors but have also been known to make their way indoors as well, be sure to keep alert in any surroundings if you hear buzzing which may indicate a possible swarm or hive. Bees tend to build hives in a wide array of locations such as the walls voids in homes and buildings, block walls, sprinkler control boxes, under eaves, hollow trees and desert plants, pet shelters, bird houses, light poles, utility boxes, drainage channels, debris (old tires, lumber, etc.) and even abandoned beehives.

If you happen to directly encounter bees, do not disturb them. Do not panic. Instead, remain calm and quietly move away until the bees are out of sight. If you are accompanied by a pet, be sure to keep it under control as not to agitate the bees. If you see a swarm or colony of any type of bee on your property, do not attempt to eliminate them yourself, stay away. For your safety, contact a licensed pest management company to handle these potentially dangerous insects safely and properly.

If you have encountered bees in Nevada, contact a Nevada Pest Management Association approved Premium Member Company at one of the numbers below:

Keith’s Pest Control

D-Termination Pest Control

Pro-Tech Pest Services

2nd Generation Pest Control

Mountain View Pest Control

Delcon Termite Pest Control

Buddies Exterminating

Intrusion Pest Control

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